What is wingsuit flying sport

wingsuit flying

Wingsuit flying is a sport where people fly through the air wearing a wing suit, which adds surface to your body and makes the flying experience better. Wingsuits were first developed in the early 1900s to increase horizontal movement. These suits were made of silk, wood and whale bone. Wingsuit flying is an extreme adventurous sport that should be done

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Windsurfing at multi-sport events


Les Hemmes - France There is a trip planned for dirtsurfers, kites, bus and kitewings on the 30th September, to a wide open beach at Les Hemmes. Please look at the forum for upto date information Due to extreme weatherer conditions, both of these events had to be postponed. (60mph winds) Try a Kitewing If you fancy having a go

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TIPS & FAQ HOW TO GET STARTED 1) Why aren't you windsurfing? Windsurfing is a soul feeling. You are out 'cruising' all by yourself and the only thing to worry about is how to get this board under your feet to do what you want it to do. When the board gets up out of the water and 'planes' it

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