Getting the basics of kiteboarding


Although it may not be in the headlines in the same way that ice hockey, football, basketball, tennis, and formula one are, kiteboarding has been growing in popularity and that popularity is increasing. Not only is it a unique sport that requires strength, agility, and flexibility as well as a bit of an adventurous spirit, but it also provides a

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The earliest wind sports


Wether we’re talking about kitesurfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing or even paragliding, there are a great many sports that owe their existence and execution to wind. And these sports aren’t even necessarily very modern. If one considers sailing a windsport—and how could it not be considered one?—then it’s safe to say that windsport goes back to the dawn on humanity making it

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Kite Wing – a new extreme sport


Kitewing is a versatile wing that allows you to take your snowboard/skiing/skateboarding to the next level. The portable wind powered device can be used on land, on snow or at sea, it folds and travels easily in a lightweight bag. It has no lines, no control bar and is extremely responsive, allowing you to safely master the wind and push

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