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Wingsurfing is a land based wind sport comprising of a handheld sail (Kitewing) and a 2 wheeled inline board (Dirtsurfer) or a Mountainbard (ATB).

Its origins are from the world of sail skating on ice, snowboarding, windsurfing and hangliding.

The attraction is the acceleration, speed and manouverability, also huge jumps can be achieved as well as relaxed distance sailing across open spaces.

In wingsurfing the rider performs the function of the mast, altering the wing position to gain maximum power from the wind. This allows for up and downwind turns to be performed with complete freedom. When travelling in a straight line, the rider will balance their weight against the force of the wind, achieving speeds in excess of 40 mph in wind less than half that speed.


What is a dirtsurfer? It’s a 2 wheeled inline board than can be ridden downhill, with a kite, or with a kitewing. Designed and made in Australia, distributed in the UK through Munkey Distribution. Many riders simply ride them downhill on road, grass or tracks for a “snowboard-like” experience. Other riders prefer to use them with wind power, riding on flat fields or beaches. The size of the wheels means that they can be used in conditions that an normal ATB / mountainboard would struggle. One key feature is the speed that can be achieved. Downhill riders claim to have reached 70mph! With a kitewing.
From a learning curve point of view, you will find the hardest part of dirtsurfing is getting started. Stopping is achieved using the calf-operated brake on the rear wheel. Some dirtsurfers have disk brakes, others v brakes. Disk-brakes are obviously more effective.


What is a Kitewing? A kitewing (or Skimbat) is a hand held wing that you use to provide power in traction based sports. Mostly for use on ATB/mountainboards, dirtsurfer, inline skates (iceskates, rollerblades etc). Handling is similar to a windsurfing sail, except its not attached to anything. Its not as heavy as you think, as the wind actually keeps it flying. You do however need a wind of 10+ mph to make it work. Great fun with a dirtsurfer, you can tack and gybe, but you need to be aware that you must be able to ride your dirtsurfer toeside, but that’snot as difficult as it sounds. Also great with a mountain board / ATB, four wheel power slides are great, and its far more controlable than a kite.